Organic, biodynamic and vegan wine

The Hive is a wine store and wine bar specialised in organic, biodynamic, vegan and low sulphites wine. We work with small artisan winemakers to bring you the flavour and sentiment we get every time we return to Italy. They share our vision: utilising a natural or biodynamic process to produce their wine. This involves indigenous yeast, the smallest amount of sulphites possible, and minimal intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar. Meaning each bottle is the best and most genuine expression of the land the grapes were grown on.

Wine Club

The Hive monthly organic wine club is designed to introduce you to the world of low intervention wines. With the common denominators of no use of chemicals nor pesticides and huge amount of respect for the terroir and tradition, our wines are carefully selected and directly imported from small artisan winemakers, mostly from Italy. We only choose producers who use organic or biodynamic agricultural methods because we believe this is the only way to give a future to our planet. We buy and sell natural wines because they are real. Every bottle has a unique personality and it’s right there, with no disguise. We taste the genuine beauty that comes from their elegance or their (possible?) defects. We feel the soul of the winemaker and the terroir and the cosmic energy that they reflect. We feel nature and life. You can visit us in our wine bar in Bethnal Green for a glass of wine or attend to one of our wine tastings, where you will often have the chance to meet and hear the stories of an incredible winemaker.

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