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Located in Lombardy, Italy, just south of the Iseo lake, the area of Franciacorta has been producing world class sparkling wines for generations using the Traditional Method of refermentation in the bottle.

In this area, pioneering siblings Federico and Silvia Stefini have founded 1701, the first biodynamic winery producing a range of great sparkling whites including Vintage, Brut, Saten, Rose,Sullerba, and their only still Surnat.

1701 spread across 11 hectares, 4 hectares of which are vineyards surrounded by a wall built in the XI century. Let that sink in: bricks laid about 1000 years ago protecting vines in a property were winemaking goes back at least 300 years.

1701's ethos is based on biodymanic farming as a production method as well as a life philosophy. They produce approx 50000 bottles per year.

1701 Franciacorta brut

1701 - Franciacorta Brut

This sparkling Franciacorta Brut successfully combines the balance of the Chardonnay with the more irruent nature of Pinot Nero grapes. This is a wine...
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