Bosco Falconeria - Catarratto


Bosco Falconeria’s grapes grow on hillsides that lie about 750 ft. above sea level, on vines that are cultivated on trellises or in the so-called ‘all’alberello alcamese’ fashion, in red and calcareous light clay soil. 

"We green fertilize with wild plants and legumes. Antonio has cultivated these vines for twenty-five years according to the principles of organic agriculture. Taking a step back, learning to exercise restraint, to respect the natural equilibrium and to intervene as little as possible".

Catarratto is the most immediate of Bosco Falconeria white wines, it has all the characteristics of the varietal accompanied by a decided acidity. Citrus bouquet, sapid with notes of sage on the palate. Best served at 12° C.

Country: Italy
Region: Sicilia
Vintage: 2016
ABV: 12%
Bottle Size: 75 cl
Grape Variety: Catarratto
Yeast: Indigenous
Total Sulphites: < 50mg/l
Bottles per year: 
Certification: IGT Terre Siciliane
Vegan Wine: Yes
Recommended by: Raw Wine Fair, Vinnatur, Slowine


 TASTING NOTES: Citrus bouquet, sapid with notes of sage on the palate.

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