Marco Tassone & Ilaria Giovannini are the founders of SIXTYFOUR/EIGHTY. Their entrepreneurial journey started eight years ago with a small coffee shop in Bethnal Green. It has now grown into The Hive where the event is taking place. Via the Hive, the couple started working with small artisan winemakers who produce organic, biodynamic and natural wine. This has fuelled their desire to make their own biodynamic wine. Their long term vision is to make the first and best biodynamic Alta Langa.This tasting and supper club is sixtyfour/eighty's second event in a series of events which will focus on organic, biodynamic or natural wines paired with nutritious and sustainable food. 


This time, we have something very special up our sleeve.

Enter RADIKON - a winery located in Oslavia, in the north-east of Italy (close to the Slovenian border). Radikon pioneered the movement towards natural and orange wines. When the late Stanko Radikon first started working with a local indigenous grape variety called Ribolla Gialla, he soon decided that it needs to be treated differently to reach its full potential. This has mainly been achieved through prolonged skin contact, a method of vinification already used by Stanko's grandfather. Combined with long periods of barrel and bottle ageing, a truly unique taste is achieved as well as a robustness which allowed Radikon to entirely eliminate the use of sulfites. All Radikon wines are now created in this way. The result is unusual orange and red wine with astronomical complexity, high ageing potential and deep, wild, flavours.

We are going to taste three incredible Radikon wines with you:

  • Jakot, 2009
  • Ribolla Gialla, 2010
  • Slatnik, 2017


For our second supper club, we teamed up with Sarah & Rich, two amazing individuals, who want to redefine an Italian original - Pizza!

Enter FLAT EARTH - forget the sourdough, Neapolitan base that is often more style over substance; Flat Earth's dough is made with locally sourced flour and their pizzas are WILD. They use seasonal, local and often foraged ingredients to top their base. They also love fermented toppings.Flat Earth's values lie in ensuring that their ingredients ooze integrity, so they can create delicious food that's good to eat and cruelty free. They also want to build a community that allows them to collaborate with like-minded people to raise awareness of the greater good of eating well. Flat Earth aim to bring people together, breaking bread over engaging conversation.

Each ticket includes one pizza, made on the night and baked in a pizza oven at the venue.

  • Vegetarian option: Wildes 5 cheese pizza with pickled Essex samphire on a caramelised onion passata base
  • Vegan option: Pickled rainbow carrot & lemon nut yoghurt on a Sesame, olive oil and thyme base garnished with wild leaves



The event will take place at The Hive, 286-290 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9DA - nearest tube is Bethnal Green (10 min. walk).

We reserve the right to cancel the event at any time; in the rare eventuality this should happen you will receive a full refund. 

With the purchase of a ticket, you grant permission that we can take pictures and videos of you as part of the event and distribute them for promotional purposes. If you are not happy with this, please send an Email to info@sixtyfoureighty.com.

If you have any allergies that we need to be aware of, please also send an Email to info@sixtyfoureighty.com.

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