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Fattoria San Lorenzo

Fattoria San lorenzo is in the area of Castelli di Jesi, in the Le Marche region of central Italy. The sea air from the near Adriatic sea is said to affect the grapes growing in this area.

Started in 1995 and owned by well known local wine maker Natalino Crognaletti, the farming practices of the Fattoria San Lorenzo are certified organic, but also employ biodynamic principles. Obstinately opposed to momentary fads, Natalino employs traditional wine making processes handed down to him by his father and grandfather. This family owned vinery prides itself in the production of authentic wines which are a true expression of the territory, or terroir -that concept which includes soil, weather, geography and good old fashioned expertise.

Minimal intervention and traditional practices are at the heart of Natalino's wine philosophy. The wines he produces are full of personality and character: definitely out of the box.

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