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San Fereolo

Nicoletta Bocca founded this winery in 1992 in the Dogliani area of Piedmont, in the world class wine producing area of Langhe (which gives us, amongst other wines, the Barolo). The wilder character of the land around here infuses the wines with a strong territorial identity.

Over time, Nicoletta's estate grew to include 12 hectares of land capable of producing 45000 bottles per year. The fresh alpine air and the warmer mediterranean climate work together to create ideal the ideal conditions to grow the temperamental grape varieties for which the area is rightly famous.

Working in harmony with the nature surrounding her and her collaborators, Nicoletta  has developed a great understanding of the territory and has learned to work with nature, rather that against. Only by following this lesson the winemaker can successfully oversee the metamorphosis of grapes into nectar.

The San Fereolo wines are the best expression of the territory they originate from. Strong but not arrogant, they reveal themselves slowly to those who accept them, and leave a lasting memory.

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