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In the local dialect of Veneto, 'sie man' means 'six hands'. The hands we are talking about belong to three brothers Marco, Daniele and Andrea Filippini. their farm is in Villaga, in the area of Barbarano Vicentino in the Colli Berici, In Veneto.

On the hilly slopes of their estate, the Filippini brothers grow several grape varieties. The soil is a varied mixture of sand, clay, silt and volcanic rock.

The varieties thriving here include:

Red grapes - Tai rosso, Turchetta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot nero.

White grapes - Garganega, Moscato bianco, Incrocio Manzoni.

Expertly handled, the various grapes are used to produce wines of great character, with minimal intervention during the vinification process. The precious liquid rests and ages in wood, concrete and steel, as appropriate. the final products are bold and sophisticated wines which are true to the territory and make for incredibly rewarding drinking.

Siemàn set aside part of their harvest for beer productions. Their sour beers are brewed in wooden barrels with minimal intervention, relying mainly on time and expertise. Their taste express character and their close ties to wine.


Sieman - Mosca Bianca

The fermentation occurs spontaneously in steel with the yeast of the grapes themselves. Steeping on the skins for 2 days. We decide the steeping time ...
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sieman occhio al bianco natural biodynamic organic wine

Sieman - Occhio Al Bianco

Sieman means ‘six hands’ in the local dialect and has been founded by three brothers Marco, Daniele, and Andrea in the Colli Berici area near Vicenza....
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sieman occhio al rosso organic natural wine

Sieman - Occhio Al Rosso

Sieman, which means six hands in the Veneto dialect, is a winery started by three brothers with a passion for viticulture, and letting the quality of ...
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Prato Alto, Natural wine from Sieman

Sieman - Prato Alto

The result of an expert blend of three grape varieties harvested and 'vinified' at different times, this white from Sieman takes its name -Prato Alto ...
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