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From Luet to Chardonnay via Soave. Take the trip and discover how each wine bottle tells a story made of terroir, passion, and heritage. Whether biodynamic, natural, or vegan, our online shop will cater for all your needs.

Lageder Am Sand

Alois Lageder - Am Sand

This Gewürztraminer is a product of several sites with sandy soils in the Bassa Atesina of Alto Adige. Although the sites in Termeno, Magrè, and Lake ...
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Alois Lageder - Forrà

Alois Lageder - Forrà

The Alois Lageder winery in Alto Adige comprises fifty-five hectares of the family's own vineyards, which are managed on the basis of biodynamic princ...
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case bianco

Casè - Vino Bianco

In the beautiful hills of Val Trebbia lies Casé; a small, independent winery. After planting the first vineyards in 1998 and carefully analysing the s...
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Comunica - La Pua - Garnatxa

Comunica - La Pua

After many years of developing wines for others cellars Comunica finally decided to produce their own wines. The first result; the La Pua. With a smal...
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Gran Cerdo - Blanco

Gran Cerdo - Blanco

A Medium bodied, fruity, dry white wine at a great price point. Described as fresh, funky and very drinkable. It is not the most complicated wine, the...
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gut oggau theodora

Gut Oggau - Theodora

A family wine project - Theodora; a likeable young lady who takes everybodys heart by storm. Attractive and elegant, as described by Gut Oggau themsel...
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Occhipinti - SP68 Bianco

A biodynamic white with fruity notes. The two grape varieties complement each other well resulting in a light experience. The nose offers white flower...
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Sete - Tropicale

Sete - Tropicale 2019

The Tropicale consists of a blend of three different grape varieties. The grapes are macerated for several days, fermented and aged for 8 months in fi...
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